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July. 2014

          cover girl Lauren Godek( photos by Simon Wolak) Featured artist Lila Way, Marc Barnstable, Diego Bauzil & Luis Mendoza

Oct 2014  ISSUE 
Tattoo You Magazine
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Order Brutal Honesty 
Brutal Honesty is a collection of short essays that touch on multiple life issues. These are presented in the author's opinion, challenging people who read this work to give second thought to everyday situations, reactions and outcomes. Some of the topics covered are love, family, racism, sex, violence, religion, economy, and even cola wars. These writings are delivered in a straight forward, in your face manner. The author has no fear of describing the world and its problems directly and harshly. He also offers what he feels are simple, common sense solutions to the issues that ail teens, family, communities and society. This book is guaranteed to make readers laugh, agree whole-heartedly or cry in outrage.
From the Publisher of Tattoo You Magazine ...
Lenny Chivers gives you Brutal Honesty